Welcome to the SDC Campus

Connecting service design strategist, design thinkers & doers and design-driven innovators

About the Service Design College Campus

We are a new breed of design school. A melting pot of knowledge and experiences with people bringing their expertise and ambitions, strengths, and weaknesses to find encouraging support for their professional and personal development and give that support  back to others. Balancing their needs with those from peers and from society as a whole.

We are a growing community for and by supporters of positive progress; designers, changemakers, creators, activators, and influencers who are involved in service innovation and the transformation of organisations. 

A 360° design mindset

Change is the new constant. To adapt to this reality, organisations have to become fit for the future by innovating continuously. A challenging task.

As the pace of transformation accelerates and expands in all directions, affecting the foundations on which society as we know it exists, we - as professionals - must decide the role we will play in moving forward and prepare to steer the course. By shifting from design phases to design abilities, we move away from processes and focus on experience and practice.

At the Service Design College we introduce you to a set of 10 design abilities that help you navigate and create change. By joining a year-long learning program - based on these abilities - you learn how to use design strategically in many facets.

The 360º design mindset is about how you can create value, holistically and continuously. About creating dynamic, ongoing relationships with other human beings in which value is codesigned and cocreated. A two-way exchange with every stakeholder involved. Using design strategically and questioning the status-quo requires a set of abilities and ways of thinking completely different than before.

Why join?

Work with peers

Listen to specialists. Join workshops. Or find a mentor or tutor to guide you personally.

Expand your network

Collaborate with peers from all over the globe. Connect virtually or meet them in person.

Invest in your career

Get to know other fields. Learn new skills to your day-to-day work to increase your impact.

Gain recognition

Earn credits and professional certificates.

Start your learning journey today!

Widen your horizons, explore new things and get ready to face future challenges with an open mind, new energy and the ongoing support from your peers. Whether you are a designer working in service, experience, social or business design or design research or a professional working outside the design sphere, we invite you to become a member of the SDC Campus. Currently, the campus gathers over 1000 members and grows steadily week-by-week.

It’s free! During registration, you will be asked to briefly explain why you want to become a member.